Your mind and body are capable of more than you may realize.
Everything within you constitutes your inner army—holding you up, keeping you healthy, and processing the world around you.

But what happens when we freeze up?

When fear and overwhelm take the wheel?

When our emotions hijack practical sensibility at the most crucial of times?

We lose command.

I’ll show you how to take it back.

As an international keynote speaker, I will inspire, educate, and motivate your audience with lessons learned on the front lines—from combat to the emergency room.

These valuable, life-changing lessons will help you and your organization perform and lead under pressure.



I’ve reached millions of audience members, teaching them how to:

  • Adapt to chaos and crisis situations, and still keep their cool
  • “Go pro” in even the most unconventional situations and environments
  • Read situations quickly, set clear priorities, and make tough decisions
  • Develop leadership with integrity
  • Improve decision making to increase company sales
  • Enhance communication strategies to better engage employees
  • Continuously be in a state of high-impact productivity
  • And more

I literally could listen to your stories all day. Truly fascinating subject matter but I love that you take an extreme scenario (as you portrayed) and could still explain a clear correlation to us bankers! Really good stuff, Doc.

Alanna Heinrichs, VP, Market Risk Specialist at Comerica Bank


I enjoyed listening to you today at the FHLB Conference. Thank You for your sacrifices and your continued services. I believe that the lord has given you a tremendous gift. The way you are helping others shows your heart to pass it on. Keep going brother.

Ramon Cocolan Jr., VP, Treasury Management at Southside Bank


We enjoyed learning about your work on EMS and disaster management and discussing potential ways of collaboration by incorporating the gender equality and women’s empowerment lens to these issues. 
Thank you so much for the work you do as an expert in emergency medicine, as a veteran and as a passionate leader to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Queenee Choudhury, United Nations


…his great stories are from a whole other continent.”

ABC News


We all hear of stories of what happens in ER…but here they are taken to a whole new level.”

NBC News


The way that he was able to engage with the audience and bring his real world experiences to the room was outstanding. The other thing he does is he takes information and really simplifies it down so that the audience can really understand and take away something from his talk. You get that firsthand experience right then and there combined with what’s actually happening on the inside of your body. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Jake Leston Discover, Brand Communications Marketings


Dr. Bose is a very talented and gifted speaker. His points of discussion are ones that are very necessary in today’s age and society.”

John Alvarez Chief, Odessa Fire & Rescue


Dr. Bose was able to incorporate the war life situations that he faced during deployment in Iraq and he was able to apply that to a work-life setting here in headquarters at Discover Financial Services. Thank you Dr. Bose for applying that experience for us and for teaching us the importance of making tough decisions in high pressure situations.”

Ashley Bauers Project Manager, CSE Systems Support, Discover Financial Services


Dr. Bose has the battlefield critical care experience to operate a trauma emergency room and the human skills to educate, not only the top leaders in our military and government, but the general public on the issues surrounding those who suffer from PTSD. Very engaging and informing speaker.”

Terry Johnson Founder of Show of Support


I’ve seen Sudip present to audiences both in the U.S. and abroad. He builds immediate rapport with the crowd and goes on to engage hearts and minds with focus on health, leadership, and ultimately, how to become better versions of ourselves.”

Mike Ferguson President and CEO, Venntix Intelligence Solutions, Partner and Co-Founder, Emergent Life Sciences


Dr. Bose’s lecture was extremely well received at University of Oxford. He is a fantastic speaker and was able to take his lessons learned in combat and as an emergency physician and apply them to the audience. Very highly recommend. His lessons are applicable to anyone.”

Dr. Kar Said Business School, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


You were an incredible speaker, and it was an honor to have you share your powerful story about the ironies of freedom.”

Jennifer Klink Associate Director, Reunion, Northwestern University



Combat to Corporate America: Leadership Lessons from the Battlefield and Emergency Room

Build powerful professional relationships and quick decision-making skills in high-stress situations.


Take Charge of your Inner Army: Nutrition Boot Camp for Healthy Leaders

Keep your inner army strong! I’ll show you how to keep yourself and your organization healthy if you want to succeed.


The Faces of America’s Workforce: Cultural Diversity

How understanding different generations and cultures can help you increase sales and foster genuine bones within your organization.


Command Your Future: Leadership Beyond the Classroom

Our next-generation leaders need a better understanding of the “real world.” I’ll share my toughest battles to help our future leaders succeed.


The Battle Continues: Honoring Our Soldiers and Carrying Forth the American Dream

I share the true experiences and trauma our veterans face, and how we can carry on supporting them beyond their time in active duty.


The Politics of Healthcare: Caring for Today’s American Families, for a Healthier Future

From my time in the ER to conversing directly with senators and other leaders on Capitol Hill, I’ll share an on-the-ground perspective of the most prominent needs and solutions for healthcare reform today.


June 1, 2020, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia

2020 Annual Meeting at American Industrial Hygiene Association

May 13, 2020, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Commencement address

November 15, 2019, Odessa, Texas

Leadership symposium and mock activation of city EOC (Emergency Operations Center)

November 13, 2019, Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc., Nashville, Tennessee

North American Annual Meeting FY20

October 18, 2019 (anticipated), Dallas, Texas

Federal Home Loan Bank

May 26, 2019, Lemont, Illinois

Banerjee Wedding

February 22, 2019, Odessa, Texas

Odessa Fire & Rescue Banquet Keynote

November 1, 2018, Naperville, Illinois

Naperville Responds for Veterans

January 25, 2018, Odessa, Texas

EMS Banquet Leadership Keynote

November 16, 2017 Midland, Texas

Show of Support: Hunt for Heroes

October 3, 2017, Ruidoso, New Mexico

New Mexico Fire Chiefs Conference

March 31, 2017, Dallas, Texas

TCEP Connect 2017

October 21, 2016, Chicago, Illinois

Northwestern Alumni Reunion

September 28, 2016, Chicago, Illinois

Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

August 21, 2016, Midland, Texas

Rockhounds Stadium

June 2, 2016, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW)

April 28, 2016, Chicago, Illinois

Bunker Labs

April 19, 2016, Austin, Texas

Emergency Service Partners

April 12, 2016, Midland, Texas

Parker Elementary School

February 17, 2016, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Grand Rounds, Advocate Christ Medical Center

January 21, 2016, Odessa, Texas

Odessa Fire Department Annual Awards Banquet


Paying It Forward

A significant portion of all speaking fees are donated directly to The Battle Continues, my 501c3 non-profit focused on helping veterans and their families receive the care and support they need beyond combat.

I’D LOVE TO SPEAK AT your next event

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