I have co-founded several nationally top-ranked medical education companies.


love finding new ways to increase healthcare knowledge and agency, and my businesses do just that. Thinking on my feet and performing under pressure have lent well to my entrepreneurial initiatives, as I’ve been involved in all aspects of executing the business model and marketing plan for each of my seven companies.


liveClinic is the world’s first and fastest growing platform to store personal health records, and helps physicians sustain their outpatient practice. As Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, I provide medical oversight for the platform allowing users to sign up in seconds, securely store their data, find all their health history in one place, and earn points for being healthy.



Combining my personal experience in emergency medicine with a passion for education, I’ve designed several online training courses to help doctors and nurses pass their board examinations. Through my online and in-person programs, I’ve trained over 1 million physicians and medical leaders.


Looking to Invest?

My medical training companies have each reached profitability within a year of launch, and liveClinic is already available in 155 countries and 6 languages since its launch in 2015. We’d be honored to have you join our amazing team of investors and advisors.


My Top Business Tips

I’m honored to be selected by Business Insider to provide business insights to a worldwide online audience utilizing my leadership, medical, military, and entrepreneurial expertise.


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